I have decided to describe myself to you with the same questions I have posed myself many times throughout the years.

So, who am I?

Up to today, I cannot say with certainty that I have the answer to this question.. but let’s start with the facts: a real “Pugliese” (southern Italy region), with the passion for cooking and a love for music, theater and art.

Ok, but what do I want to be when I grow up?

The strategy: I graduate from classical high school, I leave my home-region in the south of Italy  (Salento) and I move to Milan to study Management at the Bocconi University. I graduate in Finance and then in Marketing as my second degree. I then start working in a corporate firm, then in a second… and the next 10 years go by, I also widen my horizons with a Master course in Big Data.  

A standard path. Maybe too standard?

Something is missing, more than just something. I do not feel like myself. I try to fix this: I cook for friends, I sing in a rock band in Milan and I perform in theater. Something continues to be missing.

Let’s try to mix things up. What if I were to follow my passion for for food and cooking?

I am intrigued. I sign up for the renowned cooking school: “La Cucina Italiana”. Then to a wine-tasting course. A whole new world opens up to me. 

Ok, but what is my place in the kitchen? I have to widen my horizons.

One fine day I bump into the world of chefs at home.. exactly what I was looking for. I start to work in the field as an assistant chef.

I like it. Bring it on!

I attend a professional cooking school to become Chef at the “Food Genius Academy” in Milan. I work in Milan with several chefs I have encountered in my journey, and as an assistant chef of a restaurant in my home-region (Puglia).

Should I stay or should I go?

Ok. Let’s do this! I quit my corporate job and open up my business as a chef at home. 

And here I am, telling you my story.


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