How does the Chef at home service work?

First contact

Contact me with no obligation, ask me all the questions on your mind and tell me about the event you wish you organize, how many guests you will host, any allergies… I will be able to formulate the best proposal.  



I will send you a menu proposal with different options for each course, that you will be able to choose based on your preferences and needs.


The best ingredients

I will personally take care of the grocery shopping, a few days prior to the event, relying on my trusted suppliers


The event

I will arrive at your location a few hours prior to the start of the event to start the menu. During the event, I will tell you the stories of my dishes and what inspired them.

Once the event is over, you will not have to worry about a thing: I will leave the kitchen in exactly its original condition.

And now I answer to all your questions

A chef at home is the perfect solution for your event when…

You wish to try the exclusive experience of a professional chef cooking uniquely for you

You want to amaze your guests surprising them with a professional chef in your location

You wish to organize an event without worrying about anything: grocery shopping, what to cook, tidying up afterwards… I will take care of everything

You want to fully enjoy the company of your guests in the comfort of your own home, without running the risk of spending the evening in the kitchen. 

You wish to organize an event with gourmet cuisine in your country home or in any location you wish

You want to enjoy your dinner until the late in evening, while knowing that the children are sound asleep next door

You wish you eat healthy dishes: and in any moment pop into the kitchen to see how I am preparing them

You want to gift the experience of an at home chef

If you are planning an event for your partner, a chef at home is the best fit because…

You wish to surprise your partner with a meal that is dedicated exclusively to you two

You want to gift your partner the experience of an at home chef that will cook exclusively for you, in your home or in any location you wish

You wish to live a super romantic experience, in total relax and maximum privacy

You wish to put your children to bed and enjoy a romantic worry-free dinner

If you are planning a corporate event, a chef at home is the best solution for you when…

You wish to have an event with no worry at all, in a private setting and in the location of your choice

You want to organize an exclusive event for your most important clients

You wish to pamper your team members or partners with a special event built for them


Or fill out the form:

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