Cooking Classes

Do you wish to learn how to cook one or more recipes, and then to be able to replicate them by yourself?

Do you want to learn the secrets and techniques of a professional chef?

Would you like to gift a super exclusive cooking class to a special somebody?

Do you wish to share with your friends the experience of learning to cook together?

I will take care of all of that: we will plan together what you wish to learn to cook, I will come to your home (or location) with my equipment and I will work with you to create your chosen recipes, that we will then taste together

Cook & Eat

Do you wish to live a different experience? Dive in first hand!

Are you organizing a dinner or lunch with friends in your home? Cook with me, we will prepare the recipes together and you will discover all the secrets and techniques of a professional chef. When your guests will arrive, I will take care of everything. You sit back and enjoy the company of your guests. I will serve the dishes that we prepared together


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Lelio Lanza - Fuochi inaspettati

Your chef at home in Milan

Via Pietro Colletta, 18, 20135 Milano

Tel: (+39)3491344678


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