With my southern Italy origins in my blood and a degree in Marketing, up to very recently I was working in the corporate environment and today I cook for you, for me and for whoever wants to become part of my story.

I am from the south of Italy, and have been living in Milan for the past 15 years.  My cooking is very influenced by my origins, by Milan and the other places that I have visited in my travels in Italy and abroad.

For me cooking does not only mean “eating well”. It is vision, consideration and coherence. It is nourishment for the mind, but also value for the body and health. It is being curious, experimenting and playing. 

My cooking vision is grounded on some key elements: quality of the ingredients, authentic flavors, food bringing benefits for the health of the body and soul, respect and sustainability for the enviroment or animals.

I come from the south of Italy and have a very strong bond with the core traits of that region that I pass on to what I cook: the flavors of the sea, of the inland and the aromas of the Mediterranean maquis.  

My first teacher was as incredible as fearsome: Grazia, my mother, has infused me with her passion for cooking, the knowledge of ingredients and bottomless curiosity in experimenting new flavors.

From my father Giuseppe I have acquired a strong bond with the simple tastes of tradition, key to understanding and remembering where I come from.

I see myself as a combination between these two words.  My aspiration is to build on the flavors of tradition and interpret them in a gourmet key (if possible), always experimenting and trying new flavors.

And here I must mention Giulia, my first official taster that has been supporting me in the past 15 years and that has opened up the world of asian flavors for me. 

I am intrigued by nutraceutical science and how food can influence our physical and mental health: I believe that we need to be more aware of what we eat and how food can support our wellbeing.

Without forgetting that food choices are also about responsibility: towards the planet, nature, the wellbeing of animals, and resources overall. Being aware makes us become the best version of ourselves, on top on leading us to choose the best products.


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